Threat Intelligence

Silent Push is a cloud based service to rank and filter intelligence
and apply it to security infrastructure.

Create Threat

Silent push will create enterprise specific threat information for your organisation or security service

Combine & Correlate

Our information and context will be layered on your current intelligence feeds. Refined and reduced information will be produced.

Push Blocking Rules To Products

The refined and more relevant information will be pushed to integrated security products.

Your Intelligence?

Silent Push creates relevant information for your organization- based on your DNS traffic and threats
targeting your sector

Connect with
top security products

Push your indicators and rules directly into your security products

Connect your DNS resolutions to us and we will provide back persistance information to layer on top of your threat feeds and more.

We will collect your subscribed feeds and add layers of enrichment to them from PDNS and Passive SSL and other sources

Refine down your feeds by adjusting the weightings of our enrichments to what you feel is most reelvant for your organization. Push the reduced feeds to your security products.

Connect with cloud services like O365 and GSuite and push indicators across your environment
Connect your cloud infrastructure to protect from threats
Measure your own traffic for new domains or suspicious DNS patterns

Simple pricing



per month
  • Basic dashboard
  • Limited lookups on Malware library
  • IOC Generation
  • Integrations
  • Data storage
  • Support



per user month
  • Advanced dashboard
  • Full historical data
  • Generate IOCs
  • 2 TIP integrations
  • 1k API calls/day
  • Email support
  • 2 Security Integrations



per month
  • Pro dashboard
  • Full historical data
  • Generate IOCs for Industry
  • 40+ integrations
  • 10k API calls/day
  • Priority support

Frequently asked questions

Our plans have everything you need to take your app to the next level. No hidden fees.

What 3rd party apps can I integrate?

We will continue to build out our own integrations but understand that customers will also build out their own. We will support this as much as we can.

What is persistance information?

By simply knowing if and how often you have seen traffic from a domain before is one of the best indicators it should be treated with caution.

Our Team

CEO Silent Push

Ken Bagnall

Chief Executive Officer
Ken is leading the team to create a new solution to help security teams where it matters

John Jensen

Head Of Research
John leads research into what ways of layering data make it more powerful and fit for purpose

Nikki Walsh McDermot

Chief Financial Officer
Nikki is Chief Financial Officer at Silent Push, where she leads the finance, facilities and information technology teams.

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